#WhatsYourStory? Brixington Blues

With the kick-off date now fast approaching, we spoke to Richard from Brixington Blue’s ahead of his side participation in the 2020 Barcelona Easter Tournament.

Richard first discovered the tournament through a Facebook advertisement and was very keen to sign his side up. He explained that the prospect for his budding young footballers to travel to Barcelona and visit one of the greatest teams, with some of the worlds top stars including Lionel Messi, too good to turn down.

Brixington Blues will be travelling in good numbers, with a party of 20 family and friends coming along to cheer on the squad. In order to raise funds for the trip, Richard revealed that plans are in place to host a speed shot fundraiser at the upcoming Exmouth Christmas Fair, which will hopefully raise enough to cover the Nou Camp Stadium tour.

With the countdown now well and truly on, everyone at Brixington is growing in excitement with “players and parents alike telling everyone about the fantastic tour that we have booked.” Richard even stated that with news spreading, other age groups within the club have started exploring the possibility of attending their own tours next season.

As a coach, Richard insists that he is excited to see his players adapting as they transition from 6-a-side to 7-a-side and hopes that they can continue to play their attractive style of football and showing respect for the opposition throughout – something that is highly valued at the club. Additionally, Richard believes that the Camp Nou visit can be a real inspiration for his squad, and hopes that the experience of traveling away together can bring great value to his players and provide lifelong memories for all.

Everyone at Trans World Soccer is delighted to welcome Brixington Blue’s to the Barcelona Easter Tournament and wishes them all the best for the journey ahead!