Gothia Cup

The Gothia Cup truly is an arena for future stars of world football to show the world how good they are

Gothia Cup

Dates: 16 – 22 July 2017

B18 – Boys born 1/1-99 and later
B16 – Boys born 1/1-01 and later
B15 – Boys born 1/1-02 and later
B14 – Boys born 1/1-03 and later
B13 – Boys born 1/1-04 and later
B12 – Boys born 1/1-05 and later (7-a-side)
B11 – Boys born 1/1-06 and later (7-a-side)

G18 – Girls born 1/1-99 and later
G16 – Girls born 1/1-01 and later
G15 – Girls born 1/1-02 and later
G14 – Girls born 1/1-03 and later
G13 – Girls born 1/1-04 and later
G12 – Girls born 1/1-05 and later (7-a-side)
G11 – Girls born 1/1-06 and later (7-a-side)


With 40, 000 at the Opening Ceremony and 25, 000 packed into the stands on finals day, the Gothia Cup truly is an arena for the future stars of world football to show the world just how good they are.

The high level of competition means the Gothia Cup is not for everyone, but if you and your team-mates are looking to go toe-to-toe with the best in the game, this is the tournament for you.


16 – 22 July 2017


Gothenburg, Sweden


Over 1600


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